Confirmation on CSPA status

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Subject: Confirmation on CSPA status

Ref: HCMxxxxxxxxxx (hoặc số UCSIS)

Preference Category: (ghi diện bào lãnh F1, v.v..)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am the principal beneficiary of the petition of the following information.

Petitioner's name: (tên người bảo lãnh)
Date of Birth: (ngày sinh của người bảo lãnh, thí dụ 01 JAN 1960)

Principal applicant: (ghi họ tên đương đơn chính)
Date of Birth: (ngày sinh của đương đơn chính, thí dụ 30 DEC 1963)

My petition completed on (mm/dd/yyyy). Through CSPA, my daughter's name, (X Thi Nguyen), born on (mm/dd/yyyy), is in the list of visa fee bill which has already been paid. Due to the unusual retrogressive shown on January 2011 Visa Bulletin back to Jan 01, 2005 we have to wait longer for interview in the U.S Embassy at Hochiminh.

Would you please confirm that my daughter's CSPA age has been locked and there will be no change in her status regardless of interview date.

Thank you for your assistance.

Sincerely yours,

(Họ tên đương đơn chính)
Email: (địa chỉ email)
Phone number: (ghi số điện thoại)

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